Stop Saying the Halo Wars 2 Season Pass is No Longer Worth the Money

E3 2017 has been an interesting one for gamers across all platforms. Microsoft officially revealed Project Scorpio as the Xbox One X, Bethesda has learned nothing from paid mods in the past and continues to milk Skyrim as much as possible, and Nintendo stole the show with not one, but two Metroid games, among other announcements. But among all the chaos, Halo fans continue to show just how horrible they are.


Announced on Monday June 15, 2017 during Xbox Daily: Live @ E3, Halo Wars 2 is getting an expansion DLC that adds a new campaign where you play as the Banished fighting an ancient evil we haven’t seen since for a decade in a new Halo game, the Flood. The expansion also includes a new Firefight mode that features more traditional RTS gameplay and pits you against the UNSC, Banished, and Flood forces; the DLC also features two Banished leaders, two Jiralhanae lieutenants. While the official release date is unknown, it’s set to release this fall. But here’s the part ticking Halo fans off, it’s not apart of the season pass and sold separately for $20.

It’s understandable to be annoyed by the decision to exclude it from the season pass, however once you break it down it does make sense. The two leaders alone equal around $12 and the campaign features Blur cutscenes and those aren’t exactly cheap. I find it perfectly understandable that they are excluding it from the season pass. However, now people are saying the season pass and Ultimate Edition of the game are no longer worth their price.


What a bunch of bullshit.


The description of the season pass is as follow, “Grow your war chest with the Halo Wars 2 Season Pass. The Season Pass delivers regular updates that span more than six months, including: New Leaders with abilities that change the course of multiplayer matches, new Units that add to your multiplayer arsenal, new Blitz cards to collect and take into battle, and new campaign missions that expand the Halo Wars 2 story.”

The season pass covers content released for the first six months after Halo War 2’s launch, which was back in February. With some delay and other issues, 343 Industries and Creative Assembly have delivered on this promise. We’ve gotten a new leader every month and we have two more arriving this month, another two next month, and at some point a UNSC mini-campaign titled Operation: SPEARBREAKER, which is two extra campaign missions.

The list of DLC the season pass covers is as follows:

  1. Morgan Kisano
  2. Lekgolo Pair Colony
  3. Sergeant Avery Junior Johnson
  4. Senior Chief Petty Officer Jerome-092
  5. Arbiter Ripa ‘Moramee
  6. Unannounced Leader #1
  7. Unannounced Leader #2
  8. Operation: SPEARBREAKER mini campaign

Each leader costs $5.99. With seven in total, that totals out to $42 (the reason for seven is because John Forge is a free leader and not apart of the season pass, so it’s safe to assume July’s leaders will both be Banished.) The season pass is only $30. I should not need to spell this out, but the season pass has already saved you $12 and that amount will increase once we find out how much Operation: SPEARBREAKER costs. While the savings offered by season passes varies from a couple of dollars to saving almost thirty dollars, this is a great deal if you ask me.

But, there’s still the Ultimate Edition. This is a special edition of Halo Wars 2 that costs twenty dollars more than the standard game and is priced at $80, in America. This edition of the game contains Halo Wars 2, the season pass and Halo Wars: Definitive Edition. Separate, these items cost a total of $110 as Halo Wars: Definitive Edition costs $20. By buying the Ultimate Edition, you save yourself $30 and you essentially get the season pass for free. That means that instead of spending $42 on each DLC leader and the campaign, you get them all for $20.

What you think of the content is irrelevant. The season pass, and more specifically the Ultimate Edition, is a bargain deal. You get every DLC leader and Operation: SPEARBREAKER for $12 or $22 than you would separately.

Still not convinced? Okay, now let’s say you didn’t buy the season pass or Ultimate Edition and you planned on getting every leader and Awakening the Nightmare. We’ll leave Operation: SPEARBREAKER out as it’s pricing is unknown.

7 leaders priced at $6 for a total of $42 + Halo Wars 2 ($60) + Awakening the Nightmare ($20) = $122

By buying the Ultimate Edition, you just saved $22.

Now let’s say you got the season pass:

Season pass ($30) + Halo Wars 2 ($60) + Awakening the Darkness ($20) = $110

With just the season pass, you saved $10.

The season pass and the Ultimate Edition are still very much worth their price and to say they aren’t is insane. And one last thing, no not every season pass covers the game’s DLC. Halo 4’s season pass very clearly stated it’d cover the first three map packs and then Champions Bundle was announced. Borderlands 2’s Headhunter DLCs, Gaige the Mechromancer, Krieg the Psycho, and the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 were also excluded from the game’s season pass

Stop saying season passes are suppose to cover all post-launch DLC when that’s only been the case for a handful of them.






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