The Potential of Skyrim: Switch Edition’s Amiibo Support


During the night of Sunday June 12, 2017, Bethesda’s E3 conference was held. While it was mostly lackluster and most of the ‘reveals’ were things we’ve known about for months or even announced at last year’s E3, the amusement park theme was pretty funny and enjoyable to me and there were a few standouts. Dishonored is getting a new standalone campaign expansion with Daud and Billie Lurk trying to take down the Outsider. Meanwhile Wolfenstein is getting a sequel to 2014’s The New Order set in a Nazi-controlled America that looks wonderful.

But there’s something else that caught the eye of many viewers and that was the sudden appearance of the Master Sword, Hylian Shield, and Breath of the Wild’s Champion’s Tunic obtained from a chest dropped into the world of Skyrim by a Legend of Zelda Amiibo.


Yup, Skyrim is still coming to the Switch and it’s getting Amiibo support which means bonus Nintendo content to give you another reason to buy the game for the fifth time beyond the portability and motion controls.


But what will be the extend of the Amiibo support? Well, according the video description of the trailer on Bethesda’s YouTube channel; the following Amiibo series will be supporting Skyrim’s Switch port:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild series
  • 30th Anniversary – The Legend of Zelda series
  • Super Smash Bros. series
  • The Legend of Zelda series

As you can see from the list, there will be a lot of Zelda in Skyrim. We already know the Link (Archer) Amiibo figure will give players the three items mentioned above as it’s the one used in the video but there are fifteen other figures between the three Zelda lines alone. While many of the figures will probably work similarly to how they do in Breath of the Wild, where several Link Amiibo grant access to the iconic green tunic based on the way it appeared in the games the Amiibo originate from, there’s still several other Amiibo that aren’t Link as he’s appeared in the various games.

Could the Guardian and Bokoblin figures add the enemies into Skyrim for the player to fight? Will the Link (Rider) figure give us access to Epona? Could we see Zelda’s outfits added with her figures? Sadly some of these seem more like a dream than reality but you never know what could happen. Bethesda seems to have put a lot of time and care into this port and they could always surprise us. But enough about the Zelda Amiibos. I made this article to discuss something else:

The Super Smash Bros. series.

Smash Amiibo Wave 1.png

Smash Bros. is much more than just Zelda, it covers almost every major Nintendo franchise and more. Mario, Metroid, Kirby, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, even Final Fantasy and Street Fighter have Amiibo thanks to Cloud and Ryu’s appearances in Smash. With ten waves and a total of sixty two figures and twenty eight different franchises, the Smash line is the largest and most diverse Amiibo line out there.

While I doubt the Smash Bros line will be anything beyond the Zelda figures included in there, which features another Link and Zelda figure and the only figures for Shiek and Ganondorf currently released, there’s a lot of potential.

Imagine getting Mario’s hat, summoning a dragon that looks like Charizard for you to fight, or using the Monado from Xenoblade Chronicles. These are just three of many possibilities for Nintendo and Bethesda to create using the Super Smash Brothers. Amiibo line. And there’s a great reason why they should do this kind of stuff, because the Switch version will most likely not have mod support. Let’s face it, as cool as the Switch is, it’s a weaker console than the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Even if it did get mod support, it will be very limited, even more so than PlayStations 4’s pathetic support for mods. I don’t know if it’s been officially confirmed or not, but I doubt it’ll happen.

Utilizing the Smash Bros. line of Amiibo will allow for fans of Skyrim and Nintendo enjoy exclusive, crazy content from their favorite Nintendo franchises in Skyrim. Mario, Pokemon, Metroid, Fire Emblem, and so many more franchises could see amazing items and content brought into Skyrim and I hope Bethesda utilizes the potential before them. Even if they leave out third-party franchises like Mega Man, Pac-Man, Sonic, and Final Fantasy, there’s still plenty of characters, franchises, and possibilities in this line of Amiibo.


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