It was Bound to Happen Eventually

Yes, I made a WordPress. Yes, a lot of people in the Halo community have been making them recently. So of course I decided to follow the crowd and make one myself.

Who am I? Well, I go by the name of MonkeysxMoo on the internet. I frequent a handful of Halo community websites and I’m also very active on Twitter. I’m a huge fan of Halo and gaming in general. I’m also a huge anime fan, watched over 150 different series and counting thank you very much.

I’m also a writer. I’m currently working on a science fiction story that focuses on espers with heavy inspiration coming from anime and manga series such as A Certain Magical Index and RWBY. I’ve also wrote a few Halo fan fictions but they didn’t last long. I may revisit the idea for one though.

So, what can you expect from me on here? Well, Halo will certainly be the primary subject of my posts on here. I’m sick of Waypoint’s bullshit and r/Halo cares more about reposting old Halo trailers than anything actually worth an actual upvote so I figured with a blog of my own, I’ll actually get some real, genuine discussions going.

A lot of my posts for Halo will be focusing on ideas, changes, additions, and more that I’d like to see happen to the Halo games. Art style, gameplay mechanics, enemies, etc. Pretty much what everyone else has been talking about for the last few months.

My first post about Halo will be talking about my ideas for how the different subspecies of the Covenant can work if they were present in the same Halo game and also some changes I’d like to see made to the behavior of some of the enemies. I’m not going to give you the “Expect it out on this day or next week!” crap because I honestly don’t know when I’ll post stuff.

might introduce more than just Halo down the line. Whether it’s for other video games, anime, or my own writing is unknown currently.